Demonstration Videos and Pictures

 (60 Seconds)

Emohbi is a very active game where players climb ladders and slide down waterfalls in the hopes of being the first one to the top of Emohbi.

With each card played the player chooses their path and moves their pawn.  If the number played ends at the base of a ladder, you go up the ladder to the next level.  If the number ends on a waterfall, you slide down the waterfall to the level below.

If you go up a ladder and land on a spot where there is another ladder you climb that ladder as well. 

Assembling the Game (4 seconds)


The game is easily assembled using push through clips.  Assembly is only needed before the first game.  Once assembled the different levels will fit inside each other in the box.

Adjusting the Levels (32 Seconds)

Adjusting the Levels is simple done by picking up one or more levels and rotating them.  The interlocking tabs will keep them from moving during game play.

Going up a ladder (28 Seconds)

If you land on a space at the base of a ladder, go up that ladder to the next level.  If there is a ladder on that space, move up that ladder as well.

Winning the game (9 seconds)

The first player to reach the top of Emohbi wins!

Rules of the Game
Demonstration Videos
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